Control systems for new or retrofit applications, hydraulic or traction

Elevator systems manufactures a complete line of non-proprietary elevator controllers for traction and hydraulic elevators. We have been supplying controllers to independent elevator companies and global industry leaders for over 40 years. From two stop hydraulics to high speed multi-car groups our platform handles them all.

  • State of the art microprocessor based design
  • Simplex, duplex or group systems
  • Integrated user interface for adjusting parameters, viewing status, and accessing event and statistical information
  • Force guided relays meet and exceed code requirements
  • All inputs and outputs clearly labeled
  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Factory wired terminal strip for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Event log with date and time stamp
  • Free Technical Support
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Choice of discreet or serial car and hallway connections




Position Indicators, call stations, selectors, Emergency Return Systems

Elevator Systems manufactures a variety of special purpose accessories including position indicators, selectors, limit sensors, and emergency return systems.

  • Digital Position Indicators
  • Call Stations
  • Tape Selector
  • Car Top Limit Box
  • Traction Elevator Emergency Return System (TEERS)



Monitoring Systems

Graphical monitor systems suitable for a single building or an entire state

Elevator Systems manufactures monitoring systems suitable for systems from one bank, to a building, to a campus, or state. Displays can be tailored to suit applications in the hallway, at the security desk, or in the maintenance office. Our monitors provide a clear graphic display of elevator position and status as well as providing system performance reports.

  • Display formats suitable for lobby, security, maintenance, and management locations.
  • Graphical and text display of car position and state.
  • Systems for any size operation – from one building to one state.
  • Information gateway for monitoring by building management or SCADA systems.



Custom Equipment

PLC based controllers, OEM Systems Special purpose mechanical and electrical systems

Elevator Systems has manufactured a variety of systems and components to custom specifications. Custom systems based on industry standard programmed logic controllers, unique door operators, and special enclosures for demanding job site conditions are just a few examples of the special services we can provide

  • Custom Mechanical and Electrical Components
  • OEM Control Systems
  • PLC Based Controllers
  • Training Equipment


Traction Elevator Emergency Return System

  • On board controller

  • Diagnostic LCD screen and user interface

  • Lockable shut-off switch

  • Three phase input

  • UPS bypass control switch

  • UPS status monitor dry contact output

  • Test button to simulate power failure

  • Optional test remote feature

  • Disconnect switch

  • Fully automatic operation